Welcome from the President of MSM Productions, Ltd.

This Website has been set up especially for Deaf citizens—specifically, those who may never have voted before but are curious about the Presidential campaign and the parties’ positions on issues that concern Deaf people. It’s for anyone would like to know how to register to vote.

There are an estimated 22 million Deaf persons in the United States. (By “Deaf,” we mean those who are audiologically and culturally Deaf and those who have various hearing levels; this is an inclusive term) We don’t have exact numbers, because there hasn’t been a nationwide census of deaf people for several decades. Estimates of the Deaf population vary between 20 and 28 million. But we do know that it is steadily increasing, as Baby Boomers age and experience progressive deafness.

Deaf citizens, then, make up a sizeable portion of the U.S. population, although it’s scattered and not always “visible,” as, say, the blind and visually handicapped population. The total Deaf population constitutes a significant bloc of voters. If Deaf persons exercise their right to vote, get involved in the democratic process, and make their views known to lawmakers on the local, state, and federal levels, then they can gain more political clout. Politicians pay attention to numbers. The more Deaf people register and show up at their neighbor ballot box on Election Day, the more clout they’ll have on Capitol Hill.

To have political clout, you need to have a basic understanding of the political system, the democratic process, the Democratic and Republican party platforms, balloting, and know how to contact representatives and express your views to them.

This Website contains some basic information that will, I hope, assist Deaf visitors in getting registered to vote, and going to the polls to cast their vote. Remember, it is your right as a U.S. citizen to vote. It is a precious, hard-won right. And it is a right that you should take advantage of. It is a right that should be exercised responsibly. I encourage you to participate in the democratic process, to help elect a new U.S. President and representatives (or help re-elect those in office, if you believe that they’ve been doing a good job), to vote and make your vote count. You can make a difference!

Matthew S. Moore
President, MSM Productions, Ltd.